CINDY KOKESCH, PA-C, Cosmetic Dermatology

Specializing in caring, personalized skin services, Botox, and laser treatments for Beverly Hills and the greater Los Angeles area. Read more

Laser Facial / Skin Tightening
Laser Hair Removal
Laser Face and Leg Spider Vein Removal
Laser Brown Sun Spot Removal

Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, Collagen

4-Layer Facelift
Ageless Rejuvenation Facial
Lightening Brightening Peel
Acne Purification Treatment
Beta Lift Peel
Organic Passion Peptide Peel

Oxygen Vitamin Facial Treatments
Colorescience Mineral Sun Protection & Make Up
Professional Image Skin Care Products


CINDY KOKESCH, PA-C, Cosmetic Dermatology
Specializing in Caring, Personalized Botox and Laser Hair Removal for Los Angeles and Beverly Hills

When you decide it’s time to enhance your beauty with Botox or Laser Hair Removal, there are plenty of clinics throughout Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. The key, though, is to find a practitioner you can trust, who will listen to you and work with you gently and carefully to achieve your goals and bring out your beauty in the most natural way.

Cindy Kokesch is just such a caring practitioner. A licensed Physician’s Assistant with close to a decade of experience working in dermatology, Cindy provides customized, personal Botox and Laser Hair Removal care for all of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

Working from the comfortable Modern Institute of Plastic Surgery & Anti-Aging in Beverly Hills, Cindy is dedicated to gently, creatively, conservatively and lovingly treating her clients with custom Botox droplets and an array of fillers, administered lightly over time. You will subtly transform into a more beautiful, still supple you, naturally.

In addition to Botox, Cindy also provides Laser Hair Removal for her Los Angeles and Beverly Hills clients, male or female, for cosmetic, athletic, or any other reason. Of course her state of the art Cynosure Elite Laser System also performs a wide variety of other applications in addition to Laser Hair Removal, to make your skin look its best, no matter how light or dark your natural pigment might be. 

What really sets Cindy apart though, is how she works with you as a client. Cindy takes time with each Botox or Laser Hair Removal client, listening and incorporating your opinions and concerns in fashioning a detailed plan to accomplish what you need. She is also happy to explain any part of the process as you go. In a place like Los Angeles, the more educated you are the better.

Her prices are competitive with other Botox and Laser Hair Removal practitioners in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills practitioners. Most importantly, she really cares about you, and wants to bring out your beauty in the most effective way possible.  She won’t take shortcuts and won’t do more than just the right amount of Botox treatments or Laser Hair Removal to transform you into your best and most beautiful you.



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